Chance TV interview and coverage with Sharon Lia

But, today is about victory: The launching of our Billboard in Times Square and interview with Celebrity Interviewer Chance TV

It's about the journey they say, heck I say it.  But, the day my billboard went live in Times Square NY was kind of one of my destinations, even though it's technically still part of the journey! lol.

This awe-inspiring digital masterpiece, in the center of the greatest city on the planet, was like raising a flag after a battle.  "I had taken the mount" in the very place where someone stole years of my life telling me that I would never achieve anything,  especially as a musician, totally a story for another day, but for today, this is about victory!

To make it even sweeter, I had the privilege of being interviewed in New York City's Times Square by none other than Celebrity News host Chance from ChanceTV.  He was a gracious, warm, funny, and energetic host who has interviewed Robert De Niro, Kim Kardashian, Billy Crystal, Jon Voight, CeCe Peniston, Kevin Spacey, Hugh Jackman, Sharon Stone and now, Sharon Lia!

The interview:

The interview and full article are here:

Chance TV interview and coverage with Sharon Lia

Chance TV interview and coverage with Sharon Lia

My friends, never give up.  Get out of the comfort zone, you have to push boundaries to break away from the comfy space we cacoon it...  go after your victory <3



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