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"The Sum of Us is an anthem of victory, resilience, and unity"

Sharon Lia "The Sum of Us" Billboard Launch interview with Chance TV

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Proud to have these amazing people from across the USA to Malaysia and Greece join our effort. From L to R  Alice Marie, Annemarie Picerno, CC Lil Bit, Chuck Treece, Cindy Garnick, Darren Melchiorre, David Ivory, Dee Rock, Eric Alexandrakis, Gene Murden, Howie Fallon, Howie Gordon. Next line Kitt Wakeley, Lyia Meta, Manny Cabo, Michelle Leigh, Nicki Kris, Rhodney Miller, Rick Jannotti, Seay, Kelli Lewis, and Wendi Kilman, Suzanne Grzanna, Time Lewis, and Vika  See below for in-depth details about each contributor.

You can overcome.
You can become who
you are meant to be.
You can give your
light to the world
and together we
can lift a world in need.


"The Sum of Us is an anthem of victory, resilience, and unity" with GRAMMY® Nominated, multi-award-winning guest artists from across the USA to Mylasia and Greece.
"It is about the conflict within ourselves, the tragedy of giving up, the victory of rising when we fall, the symphony of realizing our potential, and the philosophy that every single one of us contributes to the sum of us all...

Like water in an ocean, each drop touches the next, creating an enormous body of water. Without every drop, there is no ocean."    ~ Sharon Lia

Every download of "The Sum of  Uswill help others - a portion will be donated to Ladies Who Rock 4 A Cause.  Use the "name your own price" tool and get your copy today

We come from all walks of life, beliefs, backgrounds, and geographical locations.

Nothing here divides us.

We are united because we all are a part of

The Sum of Us

Our Guest Artists and Team Members

Chuck Treece - Philadelphia, PA

Chuck Treece  is a session musician and professional skateboarder from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1984 he became famous for being the first African-American skateboarder to be featured on the cover of Thrasher Magazine. His musical credits include starting the 1980s skate punk band McRad, remixing songs for Amy Grant and Sting, playing the bass line on "The River of Dreams" by Billy Joel, filling in on drums at a Pearl Jam concert, and touring with Urge Overkill and Bad Brains. In 2010, he was awarded a Pew Fellowships in the Arts.[1] Chuck currently plays bass in a thrash metal band called ACTiVATE.

Eric Alexandrakis, Rethymno, Crete, Greece

Eric Alexandrakis is a Grammy® Nominated artist, discovered by Duran Duran's John Taylor, who's has worked with many high profile artists including John Malkovich, David Lynch, Dolores O'Riordan, Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, Placebo, Dweezil Zappa The Sounds, The Faint, Steve Howe [Yes], Ric Ocasek [The Cars], Roger O'Donnell & Perry Bamonte [The Cure], Steve Ferrone [Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers], Andy Rourke [The Smiths]...and many more.  His production/music supervision company also boasts a wide array of clients including Live Nation, AEG, Squarespace, Kate Spade, Soulcycle, etc.

Manny Cabo - New York, NY

Award-winning Singer / Songwriter Manny Cabo. From his incredible 4 chair turn on NBC's "THE VOICE" and recently mirroring his vocal prowess and breaking linguistic boundaries on NBC / Telemundo's "LA VOZ." Cabo has been leaving his creative mark and vocal resonance on an international level and across multi-cultural boundaries. Whether he’s singing, acting, photographing, or hosting, his compelling focus and his artistry shines through and always leaves his fans and clients wanting more

SEAY - Los, Angeles CA

SEAY is an American multi-award-winning artist and humanitarian who has gained prominence with her uplifting and pioneering voice and music. She has released multiple recordings, many of which have received numerous awards and nominations. Her albums have charted on the Billboard albums chart along with winning both Vocal album of the year and Record of the year in her genre. Her music has been a part of several world events including Cop 21, the opening ceremonies of International Day of Peace, with her song "All Around The World" the featured theme for Project Peace on Earth's “Love All” Simulcast live from Bethlehem seen by over 80 million people for which she is a musical ambassador. She is the recipient of 2 Global Peace Song awards. Her voice and music has been heard alongside several GRAMMY®-winning artists Annie Lennox, Peter Gabriel, Patti Austin, Roger Waters, Crystal Gayle, Stewart Copeland and many others. 

Suzanne Grzanna - Milwaukee, WI

A brilliant saxophonist, sultry jazz singer and Grammy® Award voting member, Suzanne Grzanna is a world-class artist who has traveled the world during her productive career. The recent release of her CD Daybreak and her single "Spring Waltz" is just the latest accomplishment in a career full of highpoints

Alice Marie - Philadelphia PA 

Alice Marie is a vocalist, violinist, and educator. She has performed internationally and across a vast array of genres. Her new release, “Lady Torch,” is a pleasant mix of original jazz, Celtic, and folk tunes. Alice Marie especially enjoys improvising on the electric violin.

She is honored to be a part of The Sum of Us.

Dee Rock, Nashville TN

Dee was brought up in a home flowing with love and music.  Dee grew up with the influences of Mickey Gilley, Nat King Cole, Conway Twitty, BB King, The Allman Brothers, Glen Campbell, and Ray Charles, all artists his mom and dad used to play.  These influences helped create the soulful country blues sound you hear from him today.

Dee has worked with some of the biggest corporations in the industry, including Virgin Records, E.M.I., Warner Bros, and Disney music. Producing and writing for artists and recording projects led to composing songs for the Warner Bros movie, Divas.  Film and Television work, such as American Chopper and more.

CC LILbit - Philadelphia, PA

Carolyn Grigsby (aka CC LILBit), originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, has been singing and performing just about all of her life. In addition to being a singer-songwriter, CC LILBit is also a secular and gospel recording artist, and music producer. CC has also had the opportunity to record background vocal tracks for several well-known international artists and is married to Teena Marie’s own musical director and bass player, Douglas Grigsby III.

Lyia Meta - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Lyia Meta is a multi-award-winning singer, songwriter, and an exhibited visual artist from Malaysia.

Kitt Wakeley, Oklahoma City, OK

Kitt's resume covers a wide span of music including rock, pop, piano, electronica, and orchestral projects. Whether writing for himself, other artists, film, television, or trailers, he has developed a reputation for being able to capture an emotional melody for any setting. However, when putting together music for his own performances and albums, his focus is on creating an epic sound using a hybrid of rock, orchestra, and EDM, which is evident in his work with the Macedonian Orchestra and Choir, London Philharmonic and other notable musicians from around the world.

Michelle Leigh -  Bakersville, NC

Michelle Leigh, signed With Dr. Johns Surgery Records of the UK and 8 time Josie award winner, is carving a deep path and making indelible marks in the Southern Rock world. She has centralized her operations in Jacksonville, Florida- the Southern Rock capital of the World, but maintains her North Carolina home base. Michelle has performed with Rossington Collins's founding members Barry Lee Harwood and Derek Hess, as well as Harley Lamoureaux of Charlie Daniels Band, Greg T. Walker of Blackfoot, and Andy Orth of Molly Hatchet. Grammy®nominated producer Charlie Kelley. Michelle Leigh has been dubbed the new “Leading Lady” of Southern Rock by several Jacksonville music magazines and TV shows, and she is honored to carry on the tradition of Southern Rock.

Gene Murden - San Francisco, CA Bay Area

Gene Murden is an Indie Gospel Artist. He came to Christ during an altar call at the Late Andre Crouch’s concert. His first three releases “Party Goin On,” “Allow God In,” and “Only God Knows,” won him a Global Music Award, and Clouzine International Music Awards which lead him to be placed in rotation on radios across the world. His latest release “Not A Mistake,” he feels it crosses genres, races, and Religions.

Smith Sisters Bluegrass 
Laguna Niguel, Ca and Costa Mesa, CA

L to R Kelli Lewis & Wendi Kilman

Smith Sisters Bluegrass are an award-winning... singing-songwriting sister duo located in Orange County, CA.  Their ALL ORIGINAL, unique FAMILY FRIENDLY bluegrass-style tells wonderful stories that everyone can relate to.  Their music is currently charting and being played on radio stations in 183 countries across the world!  

Nicki Kris - Raleigh, NC

Nicki Kris is an award-winning singer/songwriter based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her music has captured an international audience since the soul stylings of her debut album, I Come Alive in 2013.  Her unique and powerful diva-style voice has been compared to artists Pink and Adele as well as top female rockers of the past, Pat Benatar and Stevie Nicks, while her songwriting takes a decidedly modern turn. Nicki’s songs have been featured in award-winning movies, TV shows, and on radio stations worldwide, and she has been on the official ballot for the Grammy Awards for the past 7 years

Tim Lewis - Laguna Niguel

Tim Lewis is a Singer/Songwriter/Musician.  Heavy Blues, R&B and Rock influences. 

Vika Hunter - Levittown, PA

Vika is a vocalist and artist from Levittown PA.  She has a talent for accompaniment and killer harmonies and has for joined in many projects such as The Greaseband, Forecast, and done backup vocals for The Sharon Lia band and The Tina Turner cover band.  She is an established and successful powerhouse vocalist also singing with wedding bands and is known for covering with ease, the voices of artists like Norah Jones, Celine Dion, Pat Benatar, Heart, and many more. She can sing all genres of music, Jazz, Country, Rock, Top 40 up to current on the radio.  Some of the bands/projects past and present include a female trio called Hunter, a classic rock band called Spellbound, Top 40 rock band called The Crush, Best of Both Worlds Dj Entertainment, and in a funk and soul band called Main Street.


Annemarie Picerno - Nashville, TN

Annemarie is a Grammy member, Americana Music Association member, Indie Collaborative artist, and Josie Music Award-winning artist along with popular releases on Bongo Boy Records. She has performed in theater, bands in every musical genre, comedy shows, film, radio, and television. Every song created on a 35-year-old classic Washburn guitar, her diverse musical sounds mix country, pop, blues, soul, and rock. She writes all her lyrics and music from pathos and humor, with stories of her life, loves, and musical journey.

Darren Melchiorre - New York, NY

A single album cover changed Darren’s life and today he is one of the most innovative and up-and-coming designers for the music and entertainment industries. With an MFA from the School of Visual Arts, Darren has designed extensively for some of the country's top entertainment companies including CBS, NBC, Barnes, and Noble, and designed the legacy logo for basketball legend, Magic Johnson. He has also developed designs and campaigns for some of the top Broadway shows and entertainment spectaculars. At the heart of his design passion is music. Darren truly believes in the power of the album cover. He lives with the philosophy that every design has to live with emotion and scream with energy.

Cindy Garnick - Philadelphia, PA

Garnick Entertainment is headed by CEO, Cindy Garnick. Cindy’s roles include PR Strategist, Media Coach, Producer/Director, Talent Booker and more. Cindy works with Networks, Producers and Talent to provide engaging, relevant content , brand assets and opportunities. Garnick Entertainment is truly a one stop shop, harnessing the creative energy of our full team to bring visions to life.

David Ivory - Philadelphia, PA


David Ivory. Between being honored as a Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum engineer, an award-winning producer, and developing some of Philadelphia’s most notable musical exports, David Ivory’s impact on the music industry has been undeniable. His recording and production talents have led to millions of albums sold and marked the beginnings of many high-profile artists including Erykah Badu, Patti Labelle, Bunny Sigler, Halestorm, Silvertide, The Roots, and more.


The Sharon Lia Band

L to R Howie Fallon (Drums) Rick Jannotti (Guitar) Sharon Lia (Singer/Pianist) Howie Gordon (Synths/Keys) Rodney Miller (Bass)


From our band to all the guest artists, vocalists and behind the scenes team, your contribution makes this message even more special!


What other ways can "The Sum of Us" contribute to changing the world, one by one?
A simple smile or act of kindness can change someone's perspective. You never know what someone might be going through, and kindness goes a long way.


How can you be involved with #TheSumOfUs movement?
Tag someone who has impacted your life.  Hashtag #TheSumOfUs your post and pass it on. Let the people who have contributed to who you are, know just how much they matter.  We can also share our gratitude by tagging our essential workers on the front lines.  Reminding them that we are thankful for all they are doing amid this pandemic.

Download the song too, that helps us help others: A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Ladies Who Rock 4 A Cause a music organization that utilizes the unifying power of music to help those in need.

Lastly, share the video with everyone you can!  It's being shared with hospital staff, nursing communities, schools and more to inspire the people who watch and listen.


The story behind 'The Sum of Us'

"I started writing this song while I was lying on a doctor's table, waiting for treatment. I was on a critical journey of healing while someone I loved, who was facing addiction, was giving up. It was on my mind so deeply. I thought to myself, "I wish I could just shake this person and let them know that they could be SO much more if only they wouldn't give up on themselves." I thought to myself if they give up, and I give up (which was very likely), what would it mean?" What if the whole world decided to "just" give up all at once? The world as a whole would literally "stop spinning."

This philosophical revelation was one of my "ah-ha" moments (I've had a few). What would it mean if we unleashed all we were meant to be and gave the world our everything? It would be a symphony! I realized in a profoundly universal way that we all individually truly matter, including me. We cannot give up. We must all journey to reach our potential no matter what the darkness (could be fear, mental, physical, spiritual, social, financial crises, etc., that we face) tries to extinguish in us. We have the power to overcome obstacles, achieve potential, and give that best part of ourselves to the world, and in doing so, every single one of us contributes to the sum of us all.

We started recording the song in 2019. During the final phase of production, we all encountered the pandemic of 2020. The ultimate symbolism unfolded. As we and our guest vocalists hunkered down, we had to find ways to record their vocals, get videotape performances to include in our music video, and finish up our parts, in a very limited fashion. We did it though...

This effort is the quintessential example of overcoming obstacles, achieving potential, and giving our best to the world around us." ~Sharon Lia

We thank everyone who contributed to #TheSumOfUs

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