"From the dawn of time, the human spirit has been one of overcoming. We gain strength and confidence as we tackle our trials, cultivating profound gratitude along the way (and we’ve loved music, too!)"

But there's that critical moment when rebounding seems impossible. We lose hope; our dreams yield to surviving; our purpose is abandoned as we lean into fear. This moment is paralyzing.

Sharon formed her organization during her battle with cancer and after overcoming much adversity.  Ladies Who Rock 4 A Cause became a 501c3 non-profit in 2021, fueled by her passion for music and the drive to help people facing insurmountable odds.

Creating music was a miracle cure in many ways. Propelling her into a music career, igniting her purpose, and inspiring her to find a way to harness this force to help others.

"We leverage the unifying power of music by planning charitable music festivals and merging the joy of music with doing good in the world.  It is a powerful symbiotic alliance."

Empowering female artists, by providing a platform to use their voices to give back, is also all full circle moment. Fighting for, and using your voice, is something we can all relate to.

When we come together, much like our tribal ancestors, we help others find hope when there seems to be none.

This year's charitable event features Taylor Dayne, Tiffany, Jennifer Paige, Sharon Lia Band, Kick-it-Out (A Tribute to Heart)

For more information please visit the Ladies Who Rock 4 a Cause Foundation's website.



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