The stirring in your soul that is racing for relief needs

I spoke to a dear childhood friend of mine who is going through something challenging.  Because I write songs and lyrics that try to be relatable, I shared the demo of our new song with her called “Find Something To Believe In”.

I am like. Wait! Hold a sec!  I wrote a song about that!

Its very hard when things change in our lives.  Let’s face it, everything changes.  Going through the growing pains of life’s highway and having to find a new direction are the hardest parts of our journey.  So many things kick us off our path.  Divorce, illness, loss, breakups, job losses, financial losses and more.  All huge things to rebound from.

I personally believe it’s a lot easier when we believe in something.  (I know this from my own experience, so I share this from my heart).

If it is God, or nature, or if its music or gardening, if it is the social club or shopping, just something positive to pour ourselves into, there are things that we can discover that we absolutely love and can find peace in.

But, you really have to quiet your mind.  The stirring in your soul that is racing for relief needs to be quieted long enough to breathe, exhale and think about what it is you REALLY love. 

If you don’t REALLY love anything, what do you REALLY like?  We can cultivate the most unique scenarios based on what we LIKE and who we REALLY are.

Sit back, breathe, think, exhale, and open yourself to yourself, learn and find something to believe In~

Much love my butterflies!

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