Doubt creeps in when faith bleeds out. Keep the faith.

Hi my butterflies….I have a question.  Have you been thrown off your game?  Tossed to the curb by something or someone? Felt like “that was it” “you were finished”?

Why are we so fragile… we human beings? Well, I don’t know about ALL humans, but I know I am fragile, for as strong as I am.  I guess it’s that life is short and anything can happen at anytime.  Are we prepared?  I don’t know who is, but I know I am not…which leaves me feeling like I won’t get past this bump in the road.  But, a bump in the road is just a bump…

I just left a 5 day 2 surgery hospital stay.  Laying around all day and healing, when I know there is so much to do, makes me feel hopeless.  Busying myself with my work gives me hope for the future, and my mind is not busy now.  The quiet solitude is excruciating because my mind has nothing to do but think… have I failed at this.. or will I fail at that?  Should I give up and redirect my energy somewhere else?  I think to myself, if I decide to keep sticking on the road I am on, is that the right road for me?  I am not sure why all the introspection, but I suspect fear. Hello Darkness my old friend….

I had a visitor on Sunday, my best friend from early childhood, and she reminded me of all I have overcome to get where I am, and how that can never be a bad choice.  Then I realized, I need to honor my choice (to follow my dream) because it summoned my voice…and I have put that voice to good use.

So, I need to stay on point, not loose faith or focus, I need to keep the faith and the hope, and I need to share this with you so if you feel the same at some point, you are not alone.  Know that its ok to think and feel… and its ok to have quiet time and darkness.  That is what makes us truly alive and appreciate the light.

Do the best YOU can do, do better if you can, but accept yourself for who you are.  Doubt creeps in when faith bleeds out… keep the faith… I am going to try to.

There is new music on the horizon from the guys and me.  We missed our first session with our producer David Ivory, but, that’s ok.  Next session is on, even if I am not there, I trust my guys to get started and believe in the magic that will unfold.

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