Anomie……the inspiration Part I

When Rick Jannotti, our guitarist came to me with this really beautiful chord progression I went to work.   I wanted to write a song that could speak to many, surrounded by my piano, my favorite drink and my favorite view…. I conjured up words that I felt captured the feelings I wanted to write about. 

Disassociation, loneliness, feeling lost, the importance of a moral compass within ourselves and within our society, and what I feel about our current times.  What I discovered was Anomie.

With the inspiration and my tri-fecta situation, the melody and lyrics literally came to me in one evening…. By sunrise, literally the bones of the song were created. 

I knew we were on to something…. 

We took the demo we recorded to our producer David Ivory who loved it, and slated it to be the first of many songs we would be recording with him. 

We want to share the journey with you and are documenting the whole process.  

This is the first video of a 4 part series….  Stay tuned as we dive into the meaning next blog entry xoxox

Thank you for giving us your eyes and ears for this little clip<3

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