Anomie Part 2 New Teaser Video

We brought the song to Grammy-nominated/multi-platinum engineer and producer David Ivory (Halestorm, Silvertide, The Roots). This was in February around the time we had attended our first Grammy event in LA (which was a bucket list moment for sure….convertible Camaro, hot dress and all and many to thank for it too btw).

It was a little turbulent at the time, because I was crashing and burning through a difficult health related issue, but nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is harder than sitting with David and Joe during a crafting session!! Yes, I am joking, but all joking aside, we chomped down into the song. We brought it pretty well arranged, with guitar, bass, keys, vocals and drums hammered out…but, one thing I learned with David, is the song comes in one way, and goes out another… precisely why we are entrusting him and the team with our music.

I remember the first time David suggested chopping a part of the song and putting it somewhere else… yep, that happened. It was hard at first. I had to figure out how to write additional lyrics and melody over this part that was just an instrumental intro before… sigh. But, yeah, it happened and we are in LOVE with it now…as hard as it was at first to get used to.

Something else that has changed me forever (yep, I said that too) is how David taught me how to sing with the full untapped power of my voice that I never knew I had. I was astounded. I thought I HAD been singing with full on #@$%’s to the wall… but I wasn’t.

He said, “come on, give me more, you’ve got more than that” or “make me believe it Sharon, come on!”. It was grueling….and fruitful. I am forever grateful for all the torture he imposed on a me (lol) a person who didn’t believe in what I had, and then pulling it out of me.

In our next blog (Part III) we will dive into the actual studio magic: The nitty gritty recording process, the band, the rehearsals. It’s really getting fun now because more songs are coming to light….and we have been having way too much fun in session!

Here is a little snippet of our next teaser video (which shows a snippet of Anomie) and as always, we cannot thank you enough for lending us your ears <3


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