“The Tornado of Persistence”

Sharon Lia

There’s a lot of things that go on in our world that others don’t see. If you’re reading this, you may be one of those people I’m sure.

I’m sitting here, having come to the end of one journey. I am enjoying a moment of peace, quiet, serenity, but also silence and contemplation even a little fear and uncertainty. I’m looking out across the green grass into the forest behind my house in this very balmy, sticky, and hot, but beautiful God-given day. There’s a gentle breeze, and it’s just making me pause. I’m grateful, and I don’t know what’s next! I have poured a lifetime into making music, and am trying my best to share it with others. Worked endless hours, had a team do the same. I invested in myself, and others also have. I’m setting sail in the aftermath of a tornado of persistence, how will this work out?

When you embark on a journey, you do not know where that road is going to take you. I threw my rock into the distance some time ago and journeyed to find it. Sometimes I lament that I didn’t just throw that darn rock. I catapulted it! Did I make it impossible to find? I’m like, wait; life is happening. I am losing my target.

That is what happens. You make a plan, and always, something happens. You have to stay focused, and even when something takes you off course, you have to hold that target in your mind, and either try to stay on track, or at least pause your focus, but then get back on track as soon as you can.

At this point now my album is finally done. Beyond Wonderland will be released worldwide on August 22. A real labor of love, having overcome so many obstacles and still working on overcoming some or maybe never overcoming it. I do not know.


Sick Addiction single artwork Sharon Lia Band
Sick Addiction single artwork Sharon Lia Band

So, I sit here and wonder. What is going to happen next? Now that I’ve put this music out to the universe, what will come of it? It’s literally like giving birth to musical offspring. And all you want to do is help it grow and make it prosper and hope that it gives its gift to the world around it.

This album that’s coming out is more than just music; it is a story; it could be a collective story for many people. The lyrics are deep and insightful; they are contemplative; they are fiery; they are soul-searching and victorious and all different configurations. Even though I stay away from writing love songs because everyone writes them and I like to write about life, there is one song on the album called “Sick Addiction” that is about being in a complicated love affair with someone that you’re just so inexplicably addicted to that you can’t walk away— I think that we can all probably say we’ve had at least one of those in our lives and if you haven’t you will LOL

I am ready for whatever lies ahead, and I will continue to heal, I know it. You can’t win the fight if you’re not in the ring and it’s all about staying in that ring. (a mentor taught me this years ago)

I am hopeful that I get to share this music and the story with as many people as possible. God has a plan for me, for all of us, and I am thankful for his gentle but constant prodding – I asked for guidance, and I got it.

Now we wait (or actively continue to try!!!!)

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