Pursuers of the Trip Fantastic Must Soldier On…..

Music matters, never give up.

I know why we do music.  Its more than a feeling.  Its a passion.  Most musicians I have ever spoken to, songwriters and instrumentalists alike, look at making music like its the expression of the art of sound and that it is.  A magnetic force that you can not pull away from.

We are a world full of independent artists now.  Some are extraordinarily gifted, some still learning in the basement of their parents house.  One thing is the same.  It is a calling.   One other thing… there HAS NEVER been a better time to be an unsigned artist where we can leverage the power of reaching people around the world in the digital age… So what the rub?

Except for an extremely finite minority, most artists, extraordinary or not, are relegated to a life long journey full of blood sweat and tears.  It takes money to make music, and to market it.  Without a major label, artists fund their projects and their trajectory on their own or with patrons who want to be able to say they were part of an amazing success story.

The truth is, you could have the most amazing artist right under your nose; your favorite music could be a stones throw away and you wouldn’t know it.  SO… we, pursuers of this trip fantastic, soldier on so we can reach the ears and hearts of people who long to hear and feel what we are so willing to share.

Right now we are in the midst of vying for support from our fan base so that we can keep making music.  It made me wonder to myself, how do I get people to understand that good music is made by many, like us, and won’t ever reach the mainstream unless we do all the right steps?  I am pretty sure there will never be a day “where the music died” in general…but I sure don’t want there to be a day when “my music died” and at the end of the day, music matters.

Entrepreneurs, artists and inventors have taken to crowdfunding to raise money for their projects.  And they crush it.  So did Vincent van Gogh.  He had several patrons who made his work possible so I won’t feel too bad about reaching out and asking for support...but, its kind of the new way, so I am going to go with it!  *to read about  Vincent van Gogh, The Letters 

Below I found some compelling information about the power of music that I wanted to share.  

The power of music: how it can benefit health

“I think music in itself is healing,” American musician Billy Joel once said. “It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”  *an excerpt from  Medical News Today

Why Is Music Important?

According to Webster’s New World dictionary, music is “the art of combining tones to form expressive composition; any rhythmic sequence of pleasing sounds.” However, music is so much more than that definition; music is in everything around us. Music can be found everywhere in our world. It helps people find themselves, and helps them through hard times that we all face in our lives. Music gives us a way to express ourselves and show how we feel inside ourselves that we don’t usually let people see. Music is important in our world, as well as in our lives, and here are some reasons why.

1. A Way of Expression

Music gives people a way to express who they are inside through many different forms. Whether it be being a musician (singer, rapper, instrumentalist), being in a band with other people, teaching music to other people, or anything that you can think of, you can be exactly who you are or who you want to be through music. Many people today hide who they are on the inside to try to fit in with everyone else because some people are afraid of being rejected by those around them. They hide in the crowd until they are alone and can be who they truly are without fear. Music is important because it gives people a way to express themselves and be who they are on the inside.

2. A Way of Communicating How We Feel

Music also helps people communicate how they feel inside when they just can’t find the words to say it. Sometimes, in our lives, it is difficult to say how we feel to other people, but with music we find the words that are missing and the messages that we are trying to tell people. We all can find the words that we are looking for by either writing songs or just listening to different songs on the radio or anywhere we are. I know when I have trouble finding the words that I want to say to people, I write songs to express how I feel about them or different things in life. Music is important because music helps us find the words we can’t say.

3. Music Brings People Together

Music can bring people in our world together in many ways. Whether it be through the same taste in music, or the willingness to try something new, or even performing music with others. Many people like the same genres or styles of music that are out in the world right now. Being a part of a choir, band, or any kind of group is another thing that uses music to bring people closer to one another as well. Music is important because it brings people together in the world.

4. Music is in Everything

Music is everywhere in our world and relates to everything as well. Music is part of our history starting from the beginning. It is also in science and mathematics in many ways, as well as in everything else. Without music we would not have anything, life would be boring and dull. Music is important because it is everywhere around us in the world.  *an except from Odyssey


So having said all of this, I truly intend to always make music, I hope for the support we need to continue, and encourage all my fellow music makers to stay focused on your truth… the world needs your music.







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