Today we released An Anthem of Victory, Resilience and Unity called “The Sum of Us”

Today we released our new single “The Sum of Us.”  It is more than a single though, it’s the story of the human will to survive, to face and overcome that which the darkness wishes to extinguish in us.


A long time in the making, the song was born out of a profoundly challenging experience of giving up while watching a loved one also on the verge as well.  When you think of giving up, and someone you love IS giving up, you just want to shake them and make them see how special they are.  How much they make up a part of who you are… and you want them to realize how much they can achieve. Then, at that moment, you turn inward and say, “Hey, wait a minute… if they matter, I gotta realize that I matter.”  That is the short story of how this song was born.


We all face times when we want to be a warrior, and then sometimes we struggle just to hang on.  We are not alone.  This is a shared phenomenon, and when we DO overcome and rise, we can lift a world in need.

We hope this modern-day “We Are The World” inspires others to know they matter, and each one and every one of us makes a difference.

With every download, we are donating a portion of the proceeds to Ladies Who Rock for a Cause, and with the nifty “name your own price” option, you are in control.


Tag someone today, who has impacted you.  Remember to hashtag your post so we can share it.  #TheSumOfUs and share the video!

Here are some highlights so far, and be on the lookout for the documentary coming.

Sharon Lia guest on PHL17 Morning News

kicking off the release of “The Sum of Us” 5-29-2020





Sharon Lia guest on the Eraldo podcast

Sharon Lia guest on the Eraldo podcast 5 19 2020


Sharon Lia interview in Bella Magazine 

Sharon Lia interviewed by Bella Magazine


Read story Thrive Global Magazine about this song featuring GRAMMY® nominated and award-winning participants from around the world.


This is our Facebook frame.  A symbol of resilience, and unity.
Join us in unity and if you get a chance, tag someone (#TheSumOfUs) and let them know how they have contributed to the sum of who you are.

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