Puck Performance Sets the Stage!


We were the third band on the bill that night.  The band was set up like we had done in rehearsal a thousand times leading up to then, so it was a strangely familiar sight walking out there.

David gave us this great opening intro, like only David can do, haha.  And then, it was game time.

Those first few notes completely cut through all the nerves….and it all turned into excitement.  All that rehearsal definitely paid off.  They tell you that it should be automatic when you perform, that when you’re performing it should be like muscle memory.  For the most part, it was…. with close to 100 people staring back at me hahaha

30 minutes later it was over, and I have to say that for the first test run ever, we did pretty well.  Now I’m not one to ever think I couldn’t have done it better somehow – in my head I’m already ready to look at the video with the team and start taking notes.

The crowd though?  Loved it. Whew, haha.

I allowed myself a few minutes to enjoy it, then spent the rest of the night talking to everyone and making the rounds.  Really the rest of the night was a blur – more incredible bands, more meeting people, it felt good to be back out in front of everyone again.  In the middle of all this studio work, you get so focused on recording that you kind of forget what comes after that.

The next day it was right back to business.  We still needed to tweak some more tracks on the new single, websites and press kits galore, and there’s always more rehearsing to be done.  We also may or may not have written a couple new songs that we’re currently working on…maybe 😉

For the final part of this story, there’s really only one thing left to talk about…so stay tuned!

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