GRAMMY® Considered
Best Rock Performance and Song 2021
The Sum of Us

Josie Music® Awards Winner
Best Female Rock Artist of the Year 2020

GRAMMY® Considered
Best Rock Album "Beyond Wonderland" 2020

Josie Music® Awards Winner
Best Female Rock Artist of the Year 2019

GRAMMY® Considered
Best Rock Song "Anomie" 2019
and Best Pop Song "Thirty Dirty Secrets" 2019

Josie Music Awards® Winner
Best Female Rock Artist of the Year 2018

Josie Music Awards® Winner
Best Pop Contemporary Artist/Group of the Year 2017

GRAMMY® Considered for
Best Pop Album "Fairytales" 2017


Her music is generated from the heart and soul of an artist who cares about others. Her genuine lyrics and sonic innocence and vulnerability pierces the hearts of her listeners leaving a a lifelong impact on those who hear it. 

- Eileen Shapiro, Huffington Post 

Sharon Lia: “Talent With A Heart” 01/09/2018


“I love working with Sharon, her vocals are stellar and her songwriting is contagious, and her musical style is awesome eclectic, piano drivin’ progressive pop!“

- David Ivory (Halestorm, Silvertide, The Roots)

"Sharon can take you from delicate moment to full-scale fall-on-your knees emotionally gripping without ever letting you fall."

Indie Spoonful

March 7, 2019

"there’s a freedom here that’s incredibly refreshing to witness; a quality that does seem to run throughout Sharon Lia’s musical catalogue to date."

Stereo Stickman

"this track is one that many should hear right here, right now"

Rock Bands Natalie Perez


"Think Adele (Hello) meets Evanescence (My Immortal) in this powerful song by the Sharon Lia Band. This commanding song both lyrically and musically has its soft side and it's rocking side with a haunting quality throughout.

"Why Can't We Pretend" strikes a chord in all of us. Being forever changed is something many of us can relate to, as well as wondering why "us".  Why can't we pretend it's not me, it's them? Sharon and her band along and their producer, created an epic production meant to fill the listener with a wide range of emotions. 

Bongo Boy Records: "Think Adele (Hello) meets Evanescence (My Immortal)

March 2, 2019

"truly stunning ... uniquely honest"

Skope Magazine 

“Lia and her keyboard are outdone only by her exceptional vocal ability..”

- Danny Coleman, The Trentonian, Entertainment News

"purely magical and powerful"

Sound Wave One

The emotions in Sharon's voice is palpable and beautiful....loved it! This is an exceptionally well-produced album and the combination of Sharon Lia's voice and the piano is really marvelous. A must-listen album"

- Ricky Kej, Grammy® Award Winning Composer, Billboard #1 Artist

GRAMMY® Considered for BEST ROCK ALBUM 2020
With a unique style all her own, the best way to try to describe this work is modern-day Heart, Benetar, Evanescence meets Adele kind of rock (alt-rock, alt-pop, prog-pop) album with all the feels. Never drawing inspiration from stereotypical themes, recycled poeticisms or commercial pandering, and no apologies.

Filling the void in a genre built on raw emotion. "Sharon can take you from delicate moment to full-scale fall-on-your knees emotionally gripping without ever letting you fall." (music review)

Raw, Open, Authentic, Real melodic rock meant to make you feel something in a way that makes the listener feel the songs were written for them.

Everyone has a journey, and we all have a chance not to stay broken. Some make strides by making music...


The Sharon Lia Band was born as the musical outlet for their namesake, Sharon Lia.  Accompanied by guitarist Rick Jannotti and drummer Howie Fallon, the band began playing the Philadelphia area and quickly won their first “Breakout Artist” competition.

From there, the band started touring the mid-Atlantic, wowing crowds from New Jersey to New Orleans and drawing upon influences ranging from Florence + the Machine to Muse and Coldplay.

With a warmth about her, Sharon captivates audiences with powerhouse octave-leaping vocals, textured piano melodies and sometimes tender, sometimes gripping songwriting. The band is powerful, and each song evokes emotion.  Epic and full of wonder, the music reflects their baroque pop, mainstream rock, and alternative influences.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Eileen Shapiro praised “her genuine lyrics and sonic innocence and vulnerability…pierces the hearts of her listeners leaving a lifelong impact on those who hear it.”  The songwriting and performances are real, genuine, and relatable.

The next three years would also see Sharon founding her charitable foundation, Ladies Who Rock 4 A Cause, a music-driven organization inspired by her battle with cancer.


In 2017 the band entered the studio and began recording new material with Grammy© nominated/multi-platinum engineer/producer David Ivory (Halestorm,  Silvertide, The Roots, Eryka Badu, Patti Labelle).

Ivory would go on to praise: “I love working with Sharon, her vocals are stellar, and her songwriting is contagious’. And would dub their musical genre as something new: “Awesome eclectic, piano-driven progressive pop!"

From their collaborations with Ivory, came their single Anomie, released on January 2018.  Anomie and a fun pop offering in that same summer called  Thirty Dirty Secrets, both on the ballot for the 61st Grammy® awards.


The band hit the road with an opening slot for national-touring indie rockers Lydia in Albany, NY, two sets at the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, DE alongside greats like Eminem, Rag 'N' Bone Man, The Killers, Portugal, The Man, SZA, Alice Merton and landing a slot at the Ladybug Festival.

In September of 2018, Sharon was named "Best Female Artist of the Year" at the Josie Music Awards in September 2018 which rounded out the year.

Their collaboration with Ivory produced their third single Why Can’t We Pretend with rave reviews as did Sick Addiction. Both singles released ahead of the full album "Beyond Wonderland"  August 2019.

Their performances included Ladybug Music Festival and the Josie Music Awards at Dollywood Celebrity Theatre and were highlights in 2019.

Sharon Lia and her band, nominated in 4 categories, were awarded Best Artist of the Year at the Josie Music Awards where they performed to a sold-out audience Sept. 21st, 2019. This, combined with landing in Billboard Magazine, being on the Grammy and releasing their best work to date in spite of many obstacles, has made Autumn of 2019 a landmark moment! Much more to come from this musical group.

"If past is prologue, then the future is bright indeed."
#RawOpenAuthenticReal #ROAR

Behind the Scenes
David Ivory - Grammy® nominated/multi-platinum engineer & producer (Halestorm, Silvertide, The Roots, Eryka Badu Patti Labelle Silvertide, Jill Scott, etc.) and Joe Lam, Rick Jannotti and Sharon Lia

Sharon Lia - Vocalist, Songwriter, Lyricist, Pianist/Keyboardist
Rick Jannotti - Guitarist, Co-writer
Howie Fallon - Drummer
Rhodney Miller - Bass (Lauren Hill, Kindred, Jill Scott)
Howie Gordon - Keys
Vika Hunter - Back up Vocalist

Additional Musicians
Pablo Batista - Master Percussionist – Percussion

(Alicia Keys, Patti Labelle, Kirk Franklin, Jill Scott)
Damon "Dizzy Fingers" Bennett - Keys
(Jay-Z, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake)
Mitch Beer -Bass (Digable Planets)

Package Design/Graphics
Art Direction, Design, Illustration by Darren Melchiorre, Sharon Lia

Photography by Mark Weiss (Mark “WEISSGUY” Weiss – Rock Photographer)





Cindy Garnick
Garnick Entertainment Media Group


Zach Mullinax

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