Music In My Soul

by Sharon Lia

For schools, press, libraries here is sneak peek inside the book

Two options to give the gift of music and build a "notable" foundation:

Music In My Soul encompasses the joy and innocence of the most magical time in life, the tender formative learning years.

With a background in young children's development and music for young children, Sharon recorded a children's album and has delighted children and families in an endearing, fun and educational way. Merging her passion as a GRAMMY® voting, award winning songwriter, singer and recording artist in the symphonic rock and pop world as well as the children's music realm - she is living proof that music is indeed in her soul and she is imparting the joy of music to the ears who hear it.

Music In My Soul album and songbook:

New Book and CD launched!

This vibrant and beautifully illustrated songs-to-read and imagination picture book for children is inspired by Lia's children's album "Music in My Soul". Always a dream, Nov. 8, 2023 she authored, illustrated and published her songbook with tips for music and motion that follows the program she created for children.

Her program includes interactive performances, bubble time, audience participation, mystery listening exercises, dancing and fun with a focus on the adventure though music and now reading.

From beloved traditional children's songs with new arrangements and lyrics that help children discover the joy of music through different genres ranging from jazz, rock, bluegrass, and more, to her original songs "As You Grow", "What Mommy Say's Goes" and "It's Bubble Blowin' Time" these songs are fan favorites! Children will love to follow along as they grow, learn, and experience the wonder of music, words, rhythm, and movement in an illustrated world they will treasure and marvel at.

From the beautiful interpretations of these songs to tips on movement and instrument use, this book provides a rich opportunity to entertain, educate, and bond with the little one(s) we love - centered around the joy of music, friends, and family.

Grab some egg shakers or rhythm sticks for "Hey Lolly, Lolly" or rock some tambourines for "What Mommy Says, Goes!". Get bubbles ready for “It’s Bubble Blowin’ Time”, meet new furry friends in "Down By The Bay", learn about your "Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes" and different kinds of instruments and more!

New Book and Music Box Launched!

Songs include: Get On Board (Gospel Train’s
What Mommy Says Goes
The Very Hokey Pokey
As You Grow
It's Bubble Blowin' Time
Hey Lolly, Lolly
Down By The Bay,
Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes
Little Wheel Turnin'
Sarasponda-ABC Medley
Lap Ride Medley (Itsy Bitsy Spider, Noble Duke Of York, Tick Tock)
The More We Get Together

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