And the Award for Best Female Artist of the Year Goes To….

Sharon Lia !  It  was like hearing your name spoken in slow motion under water… my heart was pounding, and I was just preparing to hear one of the other talented women’s names… but… no, they called mine. Oh My!

I did not have a speech prepared…. and the trip was difficult on me to start with and my heart was pounding.

Rick walked up with me, and accepted the beautiful crystal award while I tried to hammer out something that made sense.  It was ok… but not nearly what my heart wanted to say.

Someday, I will “get”  that others may  see me as more confident and assured of myself than I am…but I still won’t think anyone wants to hear my story, or my acceptance speech.  BUT, at the same time, I want to be an example to others to fight for what they believe in and need to understand that that is what I am doing…  It is quite the conundrum.

I started my foundation putting the unifying power of music to work.  As the leader of the Ladies Who Rock 4 A Cause, and of the Sharon Lia Band I want to be that example of surviving, dreaming, living and daring and want everyone to see that they can do anything they put their mind to… even if its not when they think it should happen.  Staying the course is the best example I can lead with….and winning this award owes to that.

I thank the JMA’s for the award and thank everyone who has helped me along the way.  This award does more than give me confidence, it gives everyone around me a sign that you can overcome obstacles, you can dream and you can make things happen.

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